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U.S. Product Warranty
Updated U.S. Product Warranty effective October 29, 2018

 U.S. Limited Warranty
 U.S. Limited Warranty - English/Spanish

If a product is returned within 30 days of the purchase date, new in the original box, in resalable condition, the customer can receive credit.

If an item is returned within 180 days from the date of manufacture (determined by the product date code on the product), the customer can receive a product swap or at the customer request, credit. Product will be tested to confirm defect and returned at customer's expense if No- Fault-Found (NFF). Please consult product warranty for specific terms and conditions.

Product returned after 180 days from the date of manufacture fall under the repair policy for the individual product returned. All products will be warranted for 24 months (2 years) from the date of manufacture, as determined by the manufacture date code located on the products, with the following exceptions:

  • Hardwire Contacts (5-Year Warranty)
  • Hardwire PIRs (5-Year Warranty)
  • Mobile Internet Device [tablet] (1-Year Warranty) effective May 2012

Product Date Code Identification
Every product is date coded with a year and date. This can be found on the printed circuit board. If there are two stamped date codes, the latest date code applies. There is a letter which represents the year and a three digit number which identifies the day.

C = 2019
B = 2018
A = 2017
Z = 2016
Y = 2015
X = 2014
T = 2013
S = 2012
R = 2011
N = 2010
M = 2009
L = 2008
K = 2007
J = 2006
H = 2005
G = 2004
F = 2003
E = 2002
D = 2001
C = 2000
B = 1999
A = 1998
Z = 1997
Y = 1996
X = 1995

Example: If the stamped date code was B002, this board was manufactured on January 2, 2018.

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