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Honeywell iGSMCFP4G Commercial Fire Communications Radio for VISTA®
Available in U.S. only

Fully Compliant with NFPA72 2013 Requirements for Sixty Minute Supervision

Honeywell’s iGSMCFP4G Commercial Fire Alarm Communicator is fully compliant with NFPA 72 2013 requirements for sixty minute supervision. The secure, reliable iGSMCFP4G sends Contact ID messages from a Honeywell VISTA fire alarm control panel. This single path (cellular only or IP only) or dual path (IP primary and cellular backup) communicator eliminates the need for costly plain old telephone lines (POTS) and replaces them with state-of-the-art Cellular and Internet/IP communications.

The integration of the fire radio and the control panel from the same, trusted manufacturer greatly simplifies installation. The ability to download to the VISTA panel—ensures greater serviceability.

You can swap out your customers’ landlines with a single, UL864 listed iGSMCFP4G—an excellent way to grow your business and RMR while saving your customers money every month!


  • Both the panel and fire radio are from a single, powerful platform—ensuring a more seamless installation and better serviceability than dial-capture
  • Multi-path transmission capability eliminates the need for phone lines—letting your customers rely on you for their communications path instead of the phone company
  • Supervising at longer intervals helps reduce trouble occurrences and minimize costly visits to customer sites
  • Reduces unnecessary service calls from maintenance communication troubles or intermittent network outages by using the 60 minute NFPA 2013 supervision feature
  • Provides RMR with effective multi-technology communication
  • Helps your customers with the most demanding AHJs

About NFPA72 2013 Edition

  • For jurisdictions that have adopted the NFPA72 2013 edition, the iGSMCFP4G meets Chapter 26 section requirements for a Single Communications Path when configured for IP only or cellular only
  • For jurisdictions that have adopted 2013 and require a dual path solution for maximum survivability; the iGSMCFP4G meets Chapter 26 section for multiple communication paths supervision requirements when configured as IP primary and cellular backup

Selectable Communications Path Settings

Selectable Path Description Supervision Times
2010 GSM Single path (cellular only) 5 minutes
2010 IP Single path (IP only) 5 minutes
2010 IP & GSM Dual path (IP primary and cellular backup) 24 hours
2013 GSM Single path (cellular only) 60 minutes
2013 IP  Single path (IP only) 60 minutes
2013 IP & GSM Dual path (IP primary and cellular backup) 6 hours

Support Materials

We’ve created an end-user bill stuffer to help communicate the urgency of upgrading commercial fire radios. It’s an excellent way to reach out to your current customers, and can be included with every invoice statement.

For more details about the iGSMCFP4G, please view the current data sheet.

To locate these materials, go to the iGSMCFP4G product page and look for the documents tab.