VISTA® Commercial partitioned fire and burglary alarm control panel

The new VISTA-32FBPT provides the ultimate protection for life and property. This commercial fire and burglary control panel supports up to two partitions and up to 32 zones/points using hardwired, wireless and V-Plex® addressable technologies. A diverse line of Honeywell Home initiating devices, notification appliances, communication devices, keypads, RF receivers and relays satisfy a wide range of installation requirements.

The VISTA-32FBPT control is suitable for fire-only applications, as well as for installations requiring integrated fire/burglary systems. It is the perfect solution for medical and professional office buildings, churches and synagogues, banks, schools, strip malls, and factory or warehouse environments.

VISTA-32FBPT is compatible with a number of AlarmNet® communication products for alarm reporting, uploading/downloading and Total Connect  Remote Services.

  • Eight hardwired zones standard, expandable to 32 using V-Plex addressable points/zones
  • Supports up to 32 wireless zones (fewer if using hardwired and/or V-Plex zones)
  • Can control two separate areas independently (2 partitions)
  • Common lobby partition – auto arm or disarm based upon assigned partitions
  • Master partition – used for viewing status of all partitions
  • Supports commercial wireless fire and burglary devices
  • Stores up to 512 events
  • Accommodates 75 user codes and up to 250 access card holders using VISTAKEY®
  • Supports V-Plex addressable VISTAKEY access control (1 to 8 doors)
  • Two on-board NACS delivering a total of 2.3A @ 12V
  • Automatic smoke detector sensitivity maintenance testing
  • Four-wire smoke reset using on-board Form C relay
  • Supports Dynamic Signaling for AlarmNet Communicators
  • Supports Internet and GSM alarm reporting
  • Supports graphical user interfaces for burglary use (e.g. 6280 and Tuxedo TouchTM )
  • Supports 6160CR-2 multi-LED fire keypad
  • Upload/download via AlarmNet® Communicators
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) zone support
  • On-board serial port for communication with WIN-PAK®, Pro-Watch® and approved third-party applications
  • Supports Total Connect Remote Services*

*Event reporting only for fire partition.

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Part No. Description
V32FBPT Commercial Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Control Panel 12V Model
(U.S. Only) 
Commercial Fire and Partitioned Burglary Alarm Control Panel with External 24V
Power Supply (6A, four outputs, synchronized)
V32FBPT-COM V32FBPT in Large Red Cabinet with External Transformer