Partitioned system with scheduling

Honeywell Home VISTA-50P/VISTA-50PUL Control Panels provide the flexibility of up to eight independent partitions with the economy of a single control.

Dependable features to meet your most demanding installations:

  • Nine hardwired zones standard
  • Expandable to 87 total zones
  • Eight partitions standard
  • 75 user codes work in all partitions
  • Seven authority levels
  • 224 event memory log/printer option
  • Four trigger outputs
  • 5800 Series wireless compatibility
  • Supports two-wire multiplex
  • Scheduling of events (real time clock)
  • Keypad macro features
  • Master console option for viewing all partitions at a glance
  • Common lobby logic
  • Fast downloading
  • Supports up to 16 relays and/or X-10
  • Quick start programming
  • False alarm features
  • UL Commercial Burglary listed (VISTA-50PUL)
End users will appreciate the easy-to-use convenience and control features of the VISTA-50P/VISTA-50PUL:
  • Home control features activate lights, appliances, garage doors and numerous other devices
  • Full English display keypads for clear understanding of system status and zone locations
  • Timed event applications:
    1. — Opens garage doors and turns on lights
      — Provides“lived-in look” while away from home
      — Ability to limit access to parts of the home at certain times
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VISTA-50PUL Control Panel
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