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Use Resideo’s LTE Upgrade Rebates to Get Ahead of the Sunset!

Upgrading your customers to the latest communication technology gives you a great opportunity to maintain your relationships–and create RMR–generating opportunities. It’s as simple as discussing the additional services your organization already provides. The more you upgrade your customers, the larger rebate you will receive. If you qualify, receive up to three rebates worth $55 back to your ADI account!

lte upgrade image.png

What accounts qualify?

All AlarmNet® accounts which are active and currently using a 3G/4G or CDMA communicator are eligible for the LTE Communicator rebate. They may also be eligible for a rebate for upgrading to the Smart Security or Smart Home Package in addition to a separate rebate for upgrading their video storage plan. Eligibility is based on their current subscribed services. Please note: Rebates cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers from Resideo.

Read full rebate program rules and details