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Discontinuation Notice for Total Connect 1.0 Accounts

Effective January 31st, 2020, Total Connect 1.0 Remote Services will be discontinued. Upgrade your 1.0 customers to Resideo Total Connect 2.0 today.

After January 31st, end users will no longer have access to Total Connect 1.0 Remote Services through the website or mobile apps. It they attempt to log in, users will experience a failure to login. End users will no longer receive email or SMS event notifications from their system.

Accounts with Alarm Services will continue to function for alarm delivery. Standalone Total Connect 1.0 video accounts will be partial cancelled. As of February 1st, any accounts that have 1.0 Remote Services will no longer be billed for that service, but they will continue to be billed for Alarm Services only.

Central Stations: Please begin communicating with all your dealer accounts and inform them of the forthcoming discontinuation.

Dealers: Please communicate the benefits of Resideo Total Connect 2.0 with your end-users and begin upgrading them today.

Features of Total Connect 2.0

  • Mobile App and Website
  • Growing Ecosystem including support for the Amazon Alexa, Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Door, SkyBell® Video Doorbell, August Smart Lock® and Smart Connected Thermostats
  • Remote Control for Up to 8 VISTA Partitions
  • Push Notifications, Email and Video Alerts on Event Activity
  • Geofencing Arming Reminders
  • Smart Scenes
  • HD Video Viewing and Awareness
  • Multi-Language Options: English, French Canadian, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • 100+ Locations Per Account
  • And more